Freight Cots

Destination Port20 DC40 HCTransit Time
Laem Chabang, TH$1,000.00$2,300.0045
Phnom Penh, Cambodia$2,380.00$3,300.0038
Abidjan, Ivory Coast$2,325.00$3,630.0041
Hong Kong, Hong Kong$2,350.0040
Tema, Ghana$2,480.00$3,950.0046
Cebu, Phillipines$1,590.00$2,450.0044
Batangas, Phillipines$1,950.00$2,850.0047
Manila, Phillipines$2,200.00$2,850.0040
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)$2,500.00$3,470.0040
Matadi, Congo$4,300.00$6,950.0049
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea$3,650.00$5,700.0051
Apapa, Nigeria$2,550.00$2,850.0034
Freetown, Sierra Leone$2,780.00$4,300.0042
Xingang, 12, China$1,835.00$2,320.0042
Lubumbashi, Congo$2,380.00$4,450.0059
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia$4,400.00$6,700.0082
Lome, Togo$2,875.00$3,750.0041
Conakry, GN$2,600.00$4,300.0040
Djibouti, DJ$2,235.00$3,800.0025
Luanda, Angola$3,050.00$4,750.0043
Dar es Salaam, TZ$2,350.00$4,100.0044
Humburg, Germany$1,465.00$2,350.0028
Cartagena, Colombia$2,550.00$4,350.0045
Algiers port, DZ$1,920.00$2,800.0032
Oran, DZ$2,220.00$3,100.0021
Yokohama, JP$1,400.00$2,350.0051
Toamasina, MG$2,450.00$4,100.0061
Cotonou , Benin$2,650.00$3,950.0042
RIO GRANDE, BAZIL$2,350.00$4,295.0041
Toronto, Canada$4,050.00$4,900.0050
Antwerpen, BE$1,350.00$2,185.0030
Balboa, Panama$2,100.00$3,100.0041
Manzanillo, Panama$1,860.00$3,050.0039
Jebel Ali, UAE$1,450.00$2,300.0027
Tokyo, Japan$1,700.00$2,285.0061
Yokohama , Japan$1,580.00$2,200.0058

Prices given above are based on input from 01.03.2018 and may change for the date of actual shipment.

Shipping line we use is Maersk, in case of the request from the customer another line can be used.

For the up to date freight costs please and the details of ordering shipping with us please send the inquiry to our e-mail

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